How To Get Help With Debt in the UK

If you are losing sleep over your financial situation then Get Help With Debt can help you get back to having a good night’s sleep.

Many people in the UK struggle with debt and the UK’s unsecured debt on credit cards, store cards, personal loans and car finance deals reached £200 billion this year.

That is the same level it was at just before the 2008 financial crisis, with Northern Ireland being especially heavily indebted – but there is a way of getting out of this situation if you make the right call.

And it’s very simple to get started as our  team need only five answers to get you on the road to being debt free.

Then if we believe we can benefit and help you, one of our experts will contact you within a few hours to discuss your situation.

Your dedicated account manager will then explain all of your options, and you make an informed decision about your next steps. This consultation is completely FREE.

We will then negotiate hard on your behalf, handling all lender and third party communications, so you can rest assured as you have debt experts working on behalf of you.

Get Help With Debt Insolvency Manager Mark Baird gives some insight on what you should do if you find yourself in debt.

How can I get help with debt?

“The first thing you should do is approach a trained debt advisor. Someone who is trained and knows what the options are for people. You usually find that there is a stigma associated with debt and people don’t want to admit to it.

“People will wait to it gets to a point when their debt is out of control. Maybe they think they don’t have an option or they can work their way out of their debt issues.

“The minute someone realises they have a debt problem it is best that they go and seek help for it as soon as possible. Someone like ourselves have debt advisors here with years of experience

“The advisors can then empower them to make their own decisions based on their financial situation. That’s very important because there are lots of debt advisors out there that tell you what you should do.

“But I think it is best to give you all the options and give you the pros and cons. Explain to them what is available and let them decide themselves what they should do,” he said.

How to get help with credit card debt?

“Credit cards are so easy to access these days. You find people who have set up a credit card and then transfer the balance. They then obtain new credit cards and transfer the balance between them and then all of a sudden a lender will change his criteria.

“You may miss a payment by accident, which will affect your credit score, and then you find you can’t transfer your balance anymore.

“You should then seek advice and see what options are there for credit card debt. The credit card companies have a policy of actively pursuing people and it can get quite stressful.

“You could receive multiple letters, e-mails, texts and phone calls all day long and that is very stressful.

“The main thing about any kind of debt is that you seek advice as quickly as possible to see what options are open to you.”

How to get help with paying debt?

“The quickest way would be to visit our website or to give us a call. We have advisors here Monday to Friday from 9am to 8pm. We can do face to face as well. There is less than 24 hours to speak to an advisor.

“People should not have to wait to speak to someone about their debts. The consultation is totally free and there is no gimmicks or obligations to the options we give to our clients. That is good debt advice that you should never be forced in to anything because it may not be the option that they want.

“You should be presented with your options but you should make the final decision based on what is the best option for you,” he added.

What options are available to help me get out of debt?

“The main options are based on your own personal situation. There are some options that may not be available to you. We have all heard of bankruptcy which is the big word.

“It is not an option we would recommend unless they are totally aware of the effects of bankruptcy not just now but in the future.

There are also informal options like a token payments and in extreme cases ask your creditors to write off your debts.

“There are also formal options like a debt relief order and an IVA which is an individual voluntary arrangement which means you into a payment plan where you may make a one off payment or pay it off with a number of payments.”

Who can help me with my debt problems?

“We can help you with your debt problems by calling us today on 02890 393626 but the main thing to do if you are struggling with debt is to deal with it quickly and don’t put your head in the sand.  The creditors will not give up – so it is better to deal with the problem before it gets worse,” he added.

And CD Fairfield’s Tom Cardwell (Director) explains what they offer people who are struggling with debt.

“At Get Help with Debt we know that financial problems can effect people in all walks of life. That is why it is our aim is to support you and give you a stress free journey away from their financial hardship.

“The first step of this journey is a chat with one of our debt advisors. Through the years our staff have overseen 35,000 IVA’s with a combined experience of over 30 years dealing with this issue.

“We offer telephone and face to face advice totally free of charge. You will then be a given a dedicated and experienced case manager who will take away the stress of dealing with those dreaded letters and telephone calls from your creditors. Chat with us today to find out the best option for you,” he added.