Northern Ireland Is One Of The Top Places In The UK With Debt

Northern Ireland Is One Of The Top Places In The UK With
Store Card Debt


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Northern Ireland has some of the worst rates of debt in the UK, with figures from BBC state that adults in northern Ireland owe £3,990 on average in unsecured debt, according to new research by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The amount is £670 more than the national average.

Store cards are one of the primary sources of this problem. These cards are similar to credit cards but can only be used in a particular shop. Often, shoppers are signed up to a store card by a member of staff who has no other experience or training in finance, as a bank employee would, and they often use initial discounts to persuade customers to sign up.

Store cards usually have very high-interest rates, much higher than with ordinary credit cards and often as high as 25 to 30 %, which is why so many people find themselves struggling with them. Borrowers who miss payments are also hit with penalty charges, making the debt even more expensive.

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